Griffin has shown a real interest in his name lately, making us write it repeatedly. He can spell his name, and yesterday he wrote it all by himself for the first time! He wrote it before school, and thankfully, clever Raquel took a couple of photos.
Mairin Raisdana
15/3/2011 08:52:24 pm

Wow, Griffin! That is really impressive, good job! You are turning into such a big boy, and writing your name is a very important thing to learn to do.

Keep it up!

Joel Birch
15/3/2011 09:07:02 pm

Looking very sharp, Griffin! Imagine how well you'll be able to write when your arm's better!

16/3/2011 03:19:32 pm

That's some impressive writing Griffin! Hope your arm is healing well and your cast isn't too itchy. I remember breaking my arm when I was 6.

17/3/2011 05:18:04 am

Griffin, you are writing so well. What well formed letters! Keep on's fun!


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