Griff was in the playground, jumping off benches, shouting, "To infinity, and beyond!" when unfortunately he landed awkwardly on his hand and broke his left arm (near his wrist). It was a memorable way to spend Miles's birthday!

He has to have a cast on for 6 (long) weeks. 

It doesn't seem to have slowed him down any, as he seems just as dare-devilish as ever.


13/03/2011 6:15am

Wow Griffin you look so brave in those photos. Did you cry? I cried when I burnt my foot last week.

Belinda Robinson
13/03/2011 7:28am

We hope that your arm is much better soon!

13/03/2011 7:37am


I hope you are doing ok!

Justine Olsen
13/03/2011 9:13am

Hey there I hope you are feeling better Griff, I had to laugh (just a little) cos Zinzan does the same thing all the time!!!

13/03/2011 11:01pm

Griffin, what did you think of infinity and beyond? Was it a good place to be? I don't think I am in a hurry to go there myself!

04/09/2011 8:07pm

Dear Griffin Your arm looks preaty soar Griffen. I hope you are well now or soon.


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