Kelly the Kangaroo, the class 'pet' of K1NaU came with us on our trip to New Zealand in October break. She had a great time doing all sorts of things like seeing Nana & Poppa's pigs, traveling to Rotorua, Whangamata and going to the A&P show. 

Check out the voicethread below to hear more about Kelly's trip.
We are traveling around Europe for the holidays. Here are some photos of Griffin in England.
Breakfast at the Railway Hotel in Faversham.
Chasing Scarlett in the Brown's garden.
An English high tea in Canterbury.
Ice cream with Aunt Mary in Bradford-on-Avon.
Griff enjoying his Sunday sport at Shaw's Little League.
PiƱata lolly scramble
Yummy birthday cake.
Griffin did us proud in his end of year concert. I was pleased that he knew the moves and the words. Best of all, he had a great time and was so excited to share it with us. Special thanks to Justin Stockley for videoing the first number. 
Griffin loves JibJab. He saw that I had made a Halloween dance for my Twitter friends and forced me into making one with him in it too.
Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!
We made a book of photos of Griffin over the past year. He has really enjoyed reading it and looking at all the things he's done and seen this past year.